Benefits of Prolotherapy

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Injection Therapy

#1 Repairs Tendon Injuries
Increases platelet-derived growth factor expressions to stimulate repair.

#2 Treats Chronic Back & Neck Pain
Heals tiny tears, weakened tissue, and injuries to connective tissue.

#3 Treats Shoulder Injuries & Pain
Effective in the treatment of rotator cuff related injuries and pain (3).

#4 Treats Elbow & Wrist Tendonitis
Non-surgical treatment option for sport-related injuries (4).

#5 Treats Hand & Feet Injuries
Addresses injuries from repetitive use and damage.

Although prolotherapy is considered to be very safe, a lack of training to correctly perform the injections can lead to negative side effects in some cases. Make sure to visit a trained professional who has proper credentials and pertinent experience.

Dr. Riddle has been doing prolotherapy longer than almost all other health practitioners in the province and is a member of an instruction team that certifies doctors in this treatment modality.

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