Dr. Aliya Kabani

Calgary Naturopathic Doctor

Welcome to our integrative health clinic, where we work in collaboration to help our patients feel better. Dr. Aliya Kabani, Naturopathic Doctor and owner of Seton Integrative Health Clinic, has a vision of promoting health starting from the inside and traveling outward. Her patients like to call her "Dr. Aliya". Dr. Aliya’s wish is to leave footprints on every person she touches, therefore making a difference in this world, whether it be one person or the whole world. Similar to a small ripple, which builds more momentum and continues to create changes from the smallest level to the largest level, this is what Dr. Aliya wants to do for you. With this being said, Dr. Aliya likes to be considered a giver of hope! Dr. Aliya’s vision is to create a “ripple-effect” in healing. She believes that her purpose in this world is to help and heal the world.

Through the use of professional complementary medicine combined with the practical use of art and science of naturopathic medical care, Dr. Aliya is excited to have this clinic and the wonderful, kind and compassionate health professionals that are part of it, to help you on your healing journey. She has built on her innate nature of being not only, a very committed human being to help alleviate another person's distress, but at the same time, an empathetic and supportive doctor who takes the time to assess and diagnose an individual holistically. She is not only a doctor of naturopathic medicine, but has also been a patient of naturopathic care since 2001 and a patient of mainstream medicine since the age of 3. Because of this, Dr. Aliya is even more excited to have such an amazing team who will empower patients to take charge of their health and educate them that the healthiest body is one that works on preventing disease and is in harmony on all levels of the physical, mental and spiritual body.