Chris B

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I started going to see Dr. Charmagne when I started developing some serious stomach problems. I'm a strong believer in modern medicine but not when it feels like I am just being given certain drugs just to see a reaction. This was the main reason I came to see Dr. Charmagne as my family doctor wasn't sure what was causing my ailments so just started prescribing drugs, as doctors commonly do, and it made my symptoms so much worse. I knew that this wouldn't be the approach with a Naturopath which led me directly to Dr. C. At my first appointment with her, she immediately made me feel extremely comfortable in her knowledge of what could be causing my issues and was able to not only put me on a good health plan back to health but was able to accommodate my schedule over the holidays so that I was able to fully utilize my benefits plan. I'm now feeling 1000x better in areas of my body that I didn't even expect to see improvement and I believe its fully due to my treatments with Dr. C. And I never thought that I would be an advocate for acupuncture because I hate needles but she convinced me to try it and is amazing at that as well and has completely changed my thinking with that. Amazing services and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a happier and healthier life :)

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